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The most popular henna designs to help you get ready for Eid


The most popular henna designs to help you get ready for Eid

With Eid celebrations fast approaching, it can be easy to get stuck for inspiration when it comes to your choice of henna. From pondering on the right formula to scrolling through endless designs on Instagram and Pinterest, the options seem endless. And with beauty services having been unavailable for the last few months, many of us have resorted to at-home henna creations - some of you have become actual pro’s! As lockdown restrictions eased in the last few weeks, we have excitingly announced that beauty services are finally back! You can now come to our Selfridges henna bar to get yourself Eid-ready and navigate the word of henna with the help of a team of expert artists.
With social distancing rules still in places and your safety at the forefront of our minds, we are adhering to the strictest hygiene rules and ensuring we are allowing plenty of time between appointments to ensure the contact between customers is minimised and everything from tools to surfaces are thoroughly cleaned. What does this mean for you? Well, first of all, the reassurance that you will completely safe (and in VERY good hands) when getting any henna treatment. But, on a less positive side, we will not be allowing walk-ins for the foreseeable, so please make sure you always book an appointment if you would like us to help you get Eid ready!
If you are choosing to stick to at-home henna and create your own designs, we are here to guide your every step along the way. From tutorials to live sessions and endless TikTok videos (is anyone else guilty of spending hours scrolling through it because we surely are!), there are so many resources to give you all the inspiration and information you need to achieve stunning designs on your own!
Our top tip? If you have a design in mind that you would absolutely love to create for Eid, but are worried about staining your skin with brown henna in case anything goes wrong, try practicing with our White Henna! Similar in texture, but much easier to remove than its darker rivals, this formula only lasts on the skin for 24 hours. The results will be completely mess-proof, and practicing your Eid designs with this type of henna a few times before making the dark henna commitment will not only build your body art confidence, but will also be quite therapeutic.
Playing with henna at home is a very brain-soothing activity, allowing you to disconnect and indulge in some much-needed you-time. Now that you know all the tricks of the trade, it’s time to give you some design inspo. From the swirliest of swirls to hand-gracing dome shapes and finger details, there are so many elements you can play with to create your Eid designs. Here are some of our favourites…
Crescent Moon This a go-to Eid design, and there are so many ways you can customise it and play around with placement. Most commonly drawn on the back of the hands, the crescent moon is a simple, yet impactful design that you can easily achieve at home. You can either create a classic moon shape, or take some inspiration from the image below and add in details like flowers and leaves. The ultimate game-changer? Completing your design with feathers and dots for that real dream-catcher effect! 
Get swirling! If you want to make a statement, start swirling! This beautiful design created with Original Henna is the perfect way to decorate your hands. Start off with the bigger swirls, tracing the shape of your design and focusing on the placement of each element. After you have done your sketch, it’s time to add in the details! From dots to shadowing, this is when you can let your creativity take over and use your imagination. This type of design is particularly relaxing to create due to the repetitiveness of the shapes, so it will the perfect opportunity for you to disconnect from the world.
Mandala Mandalas are an oh-so-popular choice! To create a show-stopping Mandala shape, simply start off with a circle the middle of the back your hand. Add in details in the middle and double up your circle to create a 3D looking effect. Once you’re happy with the shape, it’s time to play with lines, dots and swirls on the outside of your shape – take full creative charge or follow the tutorial below! Dome Shapes A complicated-looking, yet easy-to-create design, dome shapes are the stars of the show! To create your dome shape, simply start off by drawing your ‘base’, which can be a couple of lines with added detail just below your wrist. Then, start creating the dome, making sure to keep things as even as possible; symmetry will make this shape look like it’s drawn by a henna pro! Once you’re happy with how your dome looks, it’s time to start adding more dainty details. Whether you want to fill around the shape with lots of mini-swirl, or just add in some lines and dots on your fingers, there is no right or wrong with this design! Follow the tutorial below for full guidance on how to create this design.
Are you looking for the ultimate product arsenal to help you create your Eid designs? The Runway Bundle is the answer! With 1 x Jagua Black Henna, 1 x Original Henna and 1 x Gold Metallic Henna, this is everything you need to become to ultimate henna pro!


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