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TV Appearances & Speaking Events - Pavan

I have broken Guinness World Records, received an honour from the Queen for services to beauty, opened up pop ups Globally and launched my own retail line after being told henna would never be mainstream. I believe in diversity in beauty. My journey has been and still is an adventure and I love using it to inspire others to really go for what ever their passion is!

Even when odds are against you, (which they have been for me a lot of the time!) if you really believe in what you are offering then go for it! I always ask myself ‘What if?’ What if it is a success? What if you do get that gig, what if your products do sell? And that is usually enough to push me onto the next step.

I have been able to share my story and inspire others through various platforms including Marie Claire, Vogue, Glamour Magazine, Scratch Magazine, Stylist, and This Morning

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Hear me share how I combined my passion with a strategy to end up doing what I love everyday