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Original Brown Henna Cone

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  • Easy application
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  • Dries in 10 mins

Authentic and Timeless Henna

A Rich Henna Paste mixed with essential oils applied on the skin to create intricate designs that last for up to two weeks!
  • Create up to 15 different designs with 1 cone
  • Easy to apply, beginner-friendly
  • Guaranteed bold colour
  • Dries within minutes and lasts up to 2 weeks
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    The OG henna!

    A rich, dark brown paste that lasts on the skin for 10 days to 2 weeks!

    With essential aromatherapy oils, and a deep dark colour that reaches its peak within 48 hours. Safe for all skin types, and no patch test needed. This henna is a no fuss answer to all your henna needs.

    Say goodbye to adding sugar and lemon after application!

    We have all ingredients in the henna to ensure the deep colour everyone craves.

    Ideal For

    Everyone! Whether you are a bride, attending a wedding, going on holiday, celebrating a festival or just want to feel your best!

    Our henna is here to make everyone feel able to express themselves.

    Safe during pregnancy, (we love to see decorations on baby bumps) and for all ages and skin types!

    Free from PPD’s and vegan friendly. The authentic look thats been fashionable for centuries!

    How To Use

    Ensure all skin is free of oils and creams and not to be applied on cracked skin.

    After application, allow to dry on skin, and then peel off.

    Do not apply water while product is on the skin.To be stored in the freezer until use.

    Natural Ingredients

    100% natural and organic
    Henna Powder, Water, Lemon Juice, Eucalyptus Oil, Clove Oil and Sugar

    Eucalyptus oil: natural disinfectant, a relaxing fragrance to help breath easy, boosts mental clarity making the treatment a relaxing and enjoyable time

    Clove Oil: love oil’s stimulating properties exfoliates dead skin, and increases blood flow which helps revive the youthfulness of your skin.

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    Our cones and cardboard packaging are 100% recyclable

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews

    super nice

    Alyson Burling
    Organic brown henna

    A really lovely product that has such an intense colour on the skin. Good application and easy to use. Doesn’t cause any reaction even with sensitive skin which is so important. The after sales service is absolutely brilliant. I would highly recommend Pavan.


    Good product

    Rebecca Stirk

    Love this product and brand