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Premium Jagua Henna Cone

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  • Easy application
  • Non-toxic
  • Dries in 10 mins

Looks like a real tattoo

  • Trial any tattoo design before taking the plunge
  • Create up to 15 different designs with 1 cone
  • Easy to apply, beginner-friendly
  • Guaranteed bold colour
  • Dries within minutes
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A SAFE alternative to Black Henna – contains no chemicals and is all natural.

When Jagua henna is applied on the skin, it deepens to a black colour after 12 to 14 hours. Use your imagination to design beautiful real-looking tattoos.

Rather than forever, these temporary tattoo designs last on the skin for 2 weeks so you can be as creative as you want.

Ideal For

Ever thought of having a tattoo but not yet ready to take the plunge? Then this is what you want to go for. This is for people of all ages and and skin types. Great for all seasons and for any part of the body, especially in the summer as it prevents mosquito bites.

How To Use

Ensure all skin is free of oils and creams and not to be applied on cracked skin.

After application, allow to dry on skin, and then peel off.

Do not apply water while product is on the skin.To be stored in the freezer until use.

Natural Ingredients

Genipa Americana – natural ink from the Jagua fruit. Genipin is extracted and contained within a solution of aqua and Genipin to create the black gel colour

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