Online Course

The Bronze course is £350 – this is where you can get a taste of henna and see if this something you would like to go further with. You will learn how to apply designs, use the henna cones and the background of henna
Comes with: 3 henna cones, 2 white henna

  • 3 Hours

The Silver course is £750 – This is where you can learn the art of henna and use these skills to apply on clients in the summer! You also have an opportunity to become a distributor of Pavan Henna and will be certified as a Pavan Henna Artist. The Ultimate Henna Kit is included in this!
Comes with beautiful gold box, 3 henna cones, 2 white henna cones and 2 glitter cones

  • 7 Hours over 2 days

The Gold course is £1000 – If you have a salon or are in the beauty trade, this is perfect for you! You will have the ultimate henna kit, the opportunity to become a distributor AND Educator for the Pavan Henna Brand,

  • 9 Hours over 2 days + 1 Hour follow up session

This is an exciting opportunity and the results have been fantastic 🙂 Please do let me know if you have any further questions, and we hope to hear from you soon

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