Back to School Henna

Back to school season is slowly approaching. With most of us finding ways to adapt to the new ‘normal’, finding activities to keep our brains engaged and stay creative has become the ultimate form of escapism. Embracing working from home is hard enough as it is, but add in the pressure of homeschooling and keeping your little ones busy, and you’re very likely to feel overwhelmed. With this in mind, we want to talk you through a mind-soothing activity that you can enjoy on your own, or in the company of your children. You know what they say – there is hope in henna. Okay, they might not say that, but we’re here to prove that it’s true!


Temporary henna formulas are bound to become your best friends when it comes to enhancing your creativity. Not only do they allow you to teach your kids (and yourself) about this beautiful art and its history, but they also give you the opportunity to expand your skillset and allow your mind to run wild and be more experimental. Whether you decide to sit your little ones in front of a henna tutorials (we have curated plenty of them for you to choose from), or you join them for a fun body art session, the opportunities are endless. And with most of us trying to seize the last weeks of summer before the weather betrays us and returns to its usual gloominess, playing around with colours, shapes & swirls is bound to help you capture that summer mood and soak up the last rays of sunshine in style.


When it comes to picking the perfect formula, there are a few things you need to note before you begin getting creative. First of all, more traditional dyes last on the skin the longest as a general rule of thumb. Opting for our Original Henna or Jagua Henna will allow you to keep your designs on the skin for up to fourteen days. Whilst these give a beautifully classic effect and are the ultimate staples in our henna kit, they might not be the most school-friendly choice – especially if your little ones have to go into class the next day.


However, our more unconventional formulas are school-night friendly; to kick it off, White Henna is a great all-rounder as it is easy to use, fairly subtle and it only lasts of the skin for a maximum of 24 hours. This organic paste allows you to create delicate designs and it is easy to remove, allowing you to correct any mistakes or fix any shapes that need a bit of tweaking. Same rule goes for colourful henna – Neon Henna is renowned for its unique appeal, and it definitely adds the fun in a quick arts and crafts session with your kids! Available in pink, green, orange, blue and yellow, this gentle dye is suitable for all skin types and, similarly to Whine Henna, is easy to use. The best bit? It’s UV sensitive, meaning that a UV light will transform any design into a show-stopping piece of art that glows in the dark! Now that is body art at a different levels, and people of all ages love the eye catching effect these formulas give.

If sparkles are your thing, fear not – we’ve got you covered! You can choose from a beautiful array of glitzy glitters and molten metallic to create some seriously sparkly designs. Glitter Henna is available in gold and silver and it lasts on the skin for 2-4 hours, making it totally commitment free and easy to play around it. Same goes for Metallic Henna – whether you want to wear it on its own, or customize your designs by mixing and matching formulas together, these body art superstars have been hailed for the beautifully unique effect they give.


If you feel like opting out of the hassle and finding a way to cheat your way into intricate designs and patterns, you’ll be pleased to know that flash tattoos are the ultimate game changer when it comes to a quick henna fix. Designed to replicate intricate designs and patterns and hand-drawn for the most authentic of looks, these beautifully curated shapes allow you to fake complicated patterns in a matter of seconds. They can be applied with water (or ice, to help you cool off on a sizzling summer day) and they last on the skin for up to five days if looked after properly.


So, we now want to hear from you – what’s your go-to temporary formula, and have you tried entertaining your kids with playful henna whilst teaching them about this beautiful tradition? We love seeing all the content you create, so please don’t forget to tag us so we can see how you’re getting creative at home. Who said back to school isn’t exciting?