About Pavan

“My aim is to make available our unique and
beautiful henna to all, no matter where they
are in the world. I hope to see henna
treatments and products become a mainstay of the wider beauty arena.

Blow dry? Manicure? Henna? Sure!”

– Pavan Dhanjal


Pavan fell in love with henna at a family wedding at the age of 15. With everyone applying henna, Pavan couldn’t help trying her hand at creating and was immediately hooked!

After Pavan broke the Guinness World Record for becoming the World’s fastest henna artist, she knocked on the door of the BBC to offer her services to the TV hit soap Eastenders.

Many phone calls later, Pavan was accidentally put in touch with the makeup team and was interviewed for the job!

Within weeks, Pavan was working on set of a show she had grown up watching for 20 years!


It was on set Pavan realised that henna was not accessible unless you knew someone who did it as a hobby, and even more unaccessible to those who were not from an Asian background.

The love for henna was Universal. This is where Pavan coined the term ‘Henna Bar’ and opened the first of it’s kind in Topshop on Oxford Street.

After huge success, Pavan approached Selfridges and opened there in 2014.


Growing up, you could only buy henna from the local Indian grocery store. The paste would be runny, the colour would come out faint, and the ingredients were not guaranteed.

Pavan saw another opportunity here!


Pavan has created a product range with the widest range of colour in cones! Including signature white henna, metallics, and an award winning neon range.

It has been a dream come true to be able to offer something Pavan sought after for so long as a child.  A henna cone right next to your nail polish or mascara and have guaranteed quality!

Pavan has taken great pride in breaking stereo types of henna, bringing it to the mainstream and championing diversity.

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