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Sophia Qureshi

I am a self-taught henna artist and have been so for 5 years now. I like to create up-to-date fashionable and modern designs to keep my clients happy. I also incorporate designs that my customers would love to have, into some of my own designs. Lastly, i add in some dazzling colourful glitter to make the design stand out even more!

Sample Work:

Bhumi Sanghavi

Having a love for art and being a self-taught artist from a very young age my parents encouraged me to professionally qualify as a henna artist. I founded and became the president of a henna society at QMUL and am a pro artist at pavan_henna Selfridges. With passion, practice and dedication I am keen to see where my love for henna will lead me into the future alongside my scientific biochemistry background.

Sample Work:

Simra Ejaz

I vividly remember creating my own henna world at the tender age of 8. It was a small family gathering where my cousin had gifted me her henna cone. Throughout the day I had watched her create complicated flowers and vines with such ease it left me in awe. It is the earliest and most treasured memory of mine since it was the spark to the love I have now grown for henna and the rich culture behind it. I see henna as one of the most elegant forms of jewellery. It can be adapted to follow any artistic trend, which always makes each and every creation an enjoyable experience for me and my clients.

Sample Work:

Neena Gami

I am a creative individual and my love for henna started at a young age where I would experiment with designs on friends and family. As a self taught henna artist I remember being extremely nervous initially applying henna for clients, but then I realised my potential and used my creative flare to create intricate or simple and elegant designs for brides. My passion for this art helps me to keep up to date with the latest trends and I absolutely love enhancing traditional or contemporary designs with gems, glitter and body paint.

Humaira Budi

I am a self taught Henna Artist and have been doing it with passion for 15 years now.Bringing the traditional art of henna into the twenty-first century, I create unique designs that are a reflection of your own personal style.I am a friendly and easy going Henna Artist who can tailor any design.


I have always been an artistic individual who started doing Henna at the young age of 13 simply by doodling on paper and creating patterns. I have since taken this therapeutic form of art and developed it over the years adding my own quirky personality to designs. Henna is a type of art that is continually evolving and modernising through time. I love how henna has become something open to all; a form of art that opens a world of culture to all. My passion for henna has grown immensely over the years and I love how it’s something I can share and offer to everyone and anyone! Whether it be a simple Indian paisley or a delicate Arabian flower, to a henna elephant or a fiery dragon; I love to customise each design to suit the personalities and needs of my clients!

Jaspreet Kaur Digpal

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Sample Work:

Harpreet Matharu

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